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*Asterian Numerology is used for all numerology readings, which stem from the Asterian Astrology system. The use of planets, houses, signs, and stars are used to provide an in-depth understanding of every number, especially when it comes to an individuals name. The numbers of a person's date of birth are also used to further understand one's destiny or life path, which is why we use the person's date of birth, time, and place of birth to reveal the original numbers of birth. Astrology is the preferred method in understanding one's destiny or purpose, and a wealth of information can be gathered with astrology alone.

*Karmic Numerology Report - This reading provides an in-depth understanding of  the energy that's behind one's name, as well as the date of birth. The name represents the identity that one chose to take on in this lifetime and the numbers from the date of birth reveal one's destiny or life path. This reading covers the Stars/Nakshatras, animal totems, power, and the seven major qualities of your name. This report covers a lot of important information regarding one's name , so using the correct name is very important. For example, if your birth name is "John Doe Smith," but go by "John Smith," then "John Smith" should be used. Remember, your name is your personal mantra and if the birth name is never used, then that vibration will never be felt. It is always best to go with the name that is used most. In terms of the date of birth, we will need one's date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth, which can be found on the birth certificate. This allows us to find the correct numbers of your true date of birth. 

*Name Change - Whether you are thinking of adding a name or changing a name, consulting a numerologist is extremely important because a name change can effect you in a negative or unfavorable way. Recommended for those getting married, actors, for spiritual purposes, and to help strengthen qualities that are lacked. Up to ten names can be tested and will need the following information for the best results: Date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, and the birth name or the name you are currently going by. 

*Baby Names - Our names contain the vibrations of the cosmos and it is important that you provide your children with the best possible name that is in alignment with their Dharma or purpose in life. Choosing the best name for your child can help provide a balance between the spiritual, emotional, and physical body's. Up to ten names can be tested and will need the following information for the best results: Date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. We use this birth info to help us understand the karmic makeup that your child has brought into this lifetime and align it with the name chosen. The name will provide the vibrations necessary, to help fulfill their purpose in this lifetime. 

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