“I have never felt my “sign.” I stumbled upon Asterian Astrology while looking into something else. But are there ever any accidents? A reading with Brian provided the missing link as if a piece of myself, that was always there, just fit. Everything made sense and I came away with a greater clarity and understanding of myself, my purpose and the life I have chosen. He is kind, empathetic and concise with knowledge that is held in the stars. I can not recommend him enough if you are looking to understand yourself at a deeper level(s).” 

-Elyse DeMartini

“Since starting Biomagnetic Pranic Healing, I have noticed a shift in my energy. I am more focused, emotions more at ease, energy levels balanced, and better sleep. Brian has made this entire experience throughout my journey profound. He is an amazing person, a powerful source of support, & has vast knowledge. I truly appreciate his work.” 

-Lorena Herrera

“I've been getting Astrology readings and healing services from Brian since 2019. Working with him for the last 4 years has been life changing, to say the least. His deep knowledge of Vedic Astrology, Numerology and Energetic medicine combined with his powerful intuitive wisdom has been an incredible gift to me, and so many others. I send everyone I know over to Brian, knowing he will be just as significant a support to them as he has been to me. He shines a light upon you and your unique abilities and removes emotional blocks that keep us stuck. Brian is an incredible healer, human being and guide who has helped me through so many difficult times. I am so grateful to him for sharing his wealth of knowledge and gifts for the greater good.”

-Kristin Emmette

“I’m writing this testimony in regards to my magnet healing sessions with Brian Garcia, I’ve had two healing sessions with Brian and I could only say positive things about the treatment. Let’s talk about the first session, I just had recovered from Covid, I was pretty much bedridden for 2 1/2 weeks. I had no energy. I felt extremely fatigue  every time I would wake up, I instantly would be able to fall right back asleep along with troubles breathing I definitely was not myself. once I had gotten a negative Covid test I was able to be treated by Brian. immediately after our healing session I felt amazing, so amazing that the next day I went and ran 3 miles in 30 minutes. During my session I did experience some incredible feelings as far as releasing emotions and toxins, I can definitely tell this treatment helped speed up my recovery! My energy was pretty much back to normal. I was able to do daily activities that were a struggle while I was recovering from Covid. My second healing session with Brian was more so focused on healing my energy and metabolism I was feeling very heavy and feeling foggy in the head.  This time around I definitely felt more of a cleansing of my energy and body. Two days after my session I woke up in the mornings, feeling a bit tired on the third and fourth day I started to get my energy back I felt really good even better than before, and my metabolism kicked in and became regular. My mind was much more clear and I just felt back to my normal self! Clear headed and energized. In addition to Biomagnetic Pranic Healing, Brian has also gone over with me multiple times about my chart or where I’m at in the astrology world. When I am feeling confused about the way I feel or what I may be going through as far as emotionally or even how I’m handling daily situations in life, I know I can call Brian and he would be able to explain what’s going on. For me, I’m not someone who is educated in the astrology world, but every time I’m done talking with Brian I am reassured about what’s going on and how to handle the situation or feelings I’m going through. I definitely recommend going to see Brian, if you are feeling off and you need some healing or internally your body is going through some challenges, he’ll definitely be able to help you! I’ve referred so many family members and clients, everyone always has amazing testimonies afterwards. Brian is extremely professional and talented right off the bat you can tell his very knowledgeable in his field.” 

-Natalie Gonzalez 

“I have been a patient/client of Brian’s for a few years!  He has helped me and continues to help me immensely with all of his healing services.  He is a gifted practitioner who truly cares about his client.  He is thoughtful, responsive and always there to help with any emotional/physical issues. I can tell you that I feel so much better and more engaged in life than ever before! He has helped me through some tough times and continues to help me in my journey to maintaining optimal health and have longevity and live with vibrance and vitality. He is a seasoned, skilled practitioner who selflessly shares his knowledge of healing and astrology readings so that one can live their best life ever!  I am blessed and grateful to have him as part of my self-care regime.”

-Mary Falbo

"I feel very fortunate to have found Brian and to be able to incorporate his readings and healing practices into my journey of self care and healing. I have had astrology and tarot readings in the past and was interested in receiving an Asterian Astrology reading as I had recently learned about it. I reached out to Brian during a time that I feel like most people reach out to someone in these fields of service, when you feel that you need some help in feeling grounded or a sense of direction. Brian is empathetic and warm and exudes a sense of trustworthiness which I feel is so important in this field. His readings are always thorough, he takes his time to go over details and gives you the opportunity to ask questions. He brought up many points that resonated with me, explained things about my chart that helped me to understand why I was experiencing certain situations and what was driving how I was feeling. There is a science to this (the readings and healing sessions) . I do not know how it works, but it is quite amazing. He has been able to pinpoint certain health issues that I had not mentioned to him and has been able to hone in on working on fixing those issues. I feel that I am gaining a better sense of self and groundedness with Brian and his help."

-Jacqueline Quinn 

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