Biomagnetic Pranic Healing Necklace

The Biomagnetic Pranic Healing Necklace is made from pure Neodymium Magnets and can be used in anything from reiki/pranic healing sessions, balancing chakras, biomagnetic pair therapy sessions, marma therapy, meridian points, nadis, balancing energy, releasing energetic blocks-cords-attachments etc. It’s also great for releasing suppressed emotions as well. It can also be used in spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, grounding and much more. I not only designed these but also use them in my practice, especially in my Biomagnetic Pranic Healing sessions. Wearing it as a necklace has many benefits. In my experience, It has helped keep my mind calm, along with my body. I've noticed myself feeling more balanced, energetically charged and grounded. It's a great way to protect your body energetically.  If you're curious to experience the effects of the Biomagnetic Pranic Healing Device, you can book a session with me.

The Biomagnetic Pranic Healing Neckalce is now available for purchase. $108 plus shipping. Please send me an email if you're interested, along with any questions you may have at:

*Warning: Although magnets are a powerful tool to use in health and wellness, there are some contraindications such as with pregnancy, heart conditions, those who use electronic devices such as pacemakers, implanted electronic devices, malignancy, chemo and radiation therapy, to name a few. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.