**Biomagnetic Pair Therapy**

*Biomagnetic pair therapy is a powerful form of healing that utilizes very powerful Neodymium magnets, along with kinesiological testing otherwise known as muscle testing. This very unique form of muscle testing is used to scan the whole body and more specifically the body’s systems, organs, glands, marmas (power points), nadis (energy channels) and subtle body. These points are scanned to detect the root of any existing pathogens that are not only causing disease and/or illness but to also correct and/or neutralize such points in the body. Once the imbalances in the body are found, we then utilize the neodymium magnets both the positive and negative polarities, to correct such imbalances. When this takes place within the body, a few things occur. The Immune system regains its strength and is then able to detect any toxins that reside in the body and begins to rid the body of such impurities. The body’s overall pH begins to regain balance on all levels, especially on a cellular level. This also causes the body to regain its overall strength and vitality on all levels, especially the parts of the body that were affected. Lastly, the body’s bioelectricity is restored to its balanced and stable state. The result being that the body regains its connection to itself and all portions of the body, including those that were blocked and contaminated with pathogens and its toxins. Biomagnetism, In combination with a healthy lifestyle, strengthens and empowers the body to fight off whatever pathogens or impurities that have been causing it to be ill or in a diseased state. Here is a list of some of the conditions that have been treated with the use of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy: Lyme Disease, Various types of Cancer, Bronchitis, Chronic Fatigue, Allergies, Autism, Depression, Alzheimer's, Fibromyalgia, Heavy Metal Poisoning, High Blood Pressure, Stress, pH Imbalance, Candida, Diabetes (1 & 2), Erectile Dysfunction, Seizures, Migraines, Back Pain, Digestive Disorders, HIV, AIDS, Acne, Herpes,Crohn’s Disease, Anemia, Parasites, Emotional Issues, Lupus, Menopause, Skin Disorders, Hormone Imbalances, Insomnia, Vertigo, Weight Issues, Bipolar Disorders, Circulation Issues, Carpal Tunnel, Thyroid Issues, Parkinson’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Depression, Infections (Viral, Bacterial, Fungal) and much more.  $130 for First Session and $110 for all others. Distant Sessions are also $110 per session. (This therapy is currently offered at the Heal Ayurveda LA clinic, located at 12732 Washington Blvd., Suite C,  Culver City, CA 0066. For any other inquiries, please feel free to email me at BrianG626@gmail.com or Visit:  www.HealAyurvedaLA.com

**Emotional Energy Healing**

*This form of healing focuses on the emotional body, which is often the cause of health issues. Repressed emotions create imbalances throughout the body, causing many blockages within the nadis (energy channels), chakras, and marma (power) points, preventing the body's prana or life force from circulating and healing itself. In the Emotional Energy Cleanse session, we scan the body for repressed emotions and release them by utilizing a special healing technique. It also helps with releasing energetic attachments, also known as energy cords. Such emotions provide us with an in-depth understanding as to the exact location of the repressed emotions, estimated age that it occurred, and who it involved. Such information is necessary, as it can help the person fully release the emotion(s). $75 per session (This session is conducted over the phone and can also be performed in person upon special request.) 

***To book a session, you can either email at: BrianG626@gmail.com, call 626-466-8481, or visit www.healayurvedala.com*** 

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