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*Karma Report - (Reading #1 for first timers) - This Karma reading covers all current and future cycles. It also covers in detail you dharma (the purpose of your incarnation), artha (happiness from past merit and how it will affect the material world), kama (your desire-force and drives) and moksha (liberation). This reading also discusses your most recent past-life karma. The second portion of this reading covers the Numerology portion of your name, which will cover the stars/nakshatras that rule over your name, the power, wisdom, and desires.

*Special Reading - This reading is great for those who would like deep insight on specific questions. Some examples to illustrate this can consist of: Career, Spirituality, Relocation, Challenges, Timing of certain events etc. Up to four specific questions can be asked with this reading, which also includes remedies for any difficulties and/or challenges that are currently being experienced.

*One Year Report - This reading covers the planetary transits and how they will affect you for the next year. It discusses all aspects of life for the next year (spiritual and material).

*Sun/Moon Reading - learn about the divine Masculine and Feminine in your nature. This reading covers the location of the Sun and Moon in your chart and how this effects your nature.

*Solar Return Report - The positions of the planets at the exact time the Sun returns to its natal position on your birthday affects the whole year. This reading discusses the seven aspects of your birth year (a good reading to be done on your birthday).

*Jupiter Report - Jupiter switches signs each year. The planet Jupiter aspects 4 houses which represent 4 areas of fortune. This reading is about becoming aware of those expansive alignments.

*Health Report - This reading covers all aspects of health. This includes Mantras to heal the body and covers all cycles regarding health. Great for those that want to know how long a health issue will last and what parts of the body need to be strengthened  in the future. It also covers a year of transits and gives all alignments of when the body may be under particular planetary attacks.

*Compatibility Report - This reading discusses the seven main aspects of your relationship with another individual.

*Saturn Report - If Saturn is in position to conjunct or oppose a planet, it could interfere, conflict or overwhelm other alignments. I recommend this reading for someone who has been told by me or another Astrologer that a major alignment is coming. IE...Sade Sati or Saturn Return.

*Tantric Report - This session is based completely upon your spiritual development and make-up. It discusses your chakras in detail, and also explains your main Star (Nakshatra) and its powers. The Tantric Report covers the deity who rules over your chart and also gives a month-by-month map of which chakra is most active in a given period. A favorite for spiritual seekers.

*Shadow Self Report - This reading is like the traditional Sanskara session, but it deals with your difficult past life karma and the darkness you will confront in this life. It also offers practices to help face and embrace the Shadow Self! A must for spiritual seekers.

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